A Walk in the Garden

This morning I had a bit of a hard time getting moving.  We have had some chillier weather and my bones were a bit achy. Besides, snuggling under the quilt felt pretty good. I ended up making an appearance about an hour later than I planned.  Quickly doing a few chores, I decided to take a quick walk in the garden before I started my work on the current quilt. e quilt story is for another day.)

Heading toward our large garden that is much too empty right now, I hesitated at a big flower bed.  I had spent hours weeding, mulching and preparing this bed, and I saw too many green shoots coming up.  Sigh.  And sigh again.  I had used something to control the weeds but it looks like they didn’t care to be controlled.  I know me well, and if I don’t pull the new weeds right this minute, I will wait until there is a whole army of weeds. Heaving the biggest sigh of all, I bent to the task.  This meant I would have to forgo my walk in the garden.

After ripping up the weeds and as many roots as I could see, I noticed the little flower box had a VERY healthy weed growing at the back edge.  I vaguely remembered seeing it before when it was much smaller and I thought I would get it later.  Well, later is now.  Determined to get the weed and roots, I shifted the flower box to get a better grip on the weeds, and to my surprise a huge worm practically leaped out of the soil and started a fast journey in the other direction.  He was big enough to make me want to go fishing but I knew that wasn’t on my agenda for today.  Looking closer, I saw a multitude of slugs just sitting there, not moving.  Looks like I am not the only slug-a-bed this morning.  Then it hit me right between the eyes.  Today I was a little too much like that slug and not enough like the worm.  That is to say, I had wasted too much time barely moving, and therefore didn’t have time to do the things I had looked forward to doing.  Bam!!! I wish I could retrieve my time wasted, but that isn’t in our power.  Recently I had read a few scriptures dealing with this very thing.  Later today, I plan to look up some of those words of God’s wisdom and maybe print off to put near my alarm.  And tomorrow, I’ll try to be a bit more like the worm and get a move on to face the new day. After all, I want to take a walk in the garden.


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