A Brave Day

Perhaps I should have titled this “A Walk in the Garden-part two” instead of “A Brave Day” although either title works.  Today it was a bit too rainy to plant in the garden , so I decided to clean up around the yard and garden a bit.  Somehow we have accumulated bits of this and that and it is starting to look bad.  I’m talking about bits of wood stakes, pieces of plastic plant trays, some string…that sort of stuff. I’m energized today, so with trash bag in hand, I head to the garden.  We have an area of the garden that is fenced to discourage deer and other critters that like to  nibble on tender plants.  I had a brainstorm that I could plant some perinneals along the outside of the fence to make it prettier.  Then when we are sitting in the yard the view would be much more pleasant.  Anyway, back to my story.  I pick up a few bits of trash, and then decide to move a piece of tarp to pull it away from the fence.  I don’t even remember how or when the tarp got there in the first place, but it is badly degraded and no longer useful, so it needs to be disposed of properly.  Living near woods and fields as we do, I realize there is a good probability there is something underneath.  I’ve found some huge worms and tons of bugs before so I try to be prepared.  Then I stop to think.  There could be OTHER creepy crawly things there as well.  And no one is home but me right this minute. I look around a minute while I think and mentally shake myself.  I am a grown woman,  This is going to be a brave new day.

Full of confidence in my newfound bravery, I pull the tarp and sure enough, there is something much bigger than a worm, and not even the same color!  I dropped the tarp and turned to run. Wait…this is my brave new day, remember?  I know in my head that most of the snakes in our area are friendly black snakes or garden snakes that wouldn’t hurt me at all.  But my heart remembers the day I was trying to discourage a snake and she reared up and prepared to strike.  Now what do I do?  I prefer to know where snakes are before they know where I am, and if I don’t remove the snake, I will forever wonder if she is lurking each time I reach down to pull a weed in that area.  Mumbling, “Today is a brave new day.  Today is a brave new day” over and over, I head to the shed to get a hoe and shovel.  Hopefully I can remove the snake without having to look at it too much since it is only about 20 feet to the woods.

Without going in to detail, I managed to remove the snake.  I would say it was a cute little thing, but it wasn’t. I would say it was only a little thing, but it was’t because size is relative. Let me just say instead I certainly hope the snake is happy outside of my domain.

After getting rid of the snake, I look back at the tarp.  This brave new day stuff is getting old.  I pull the tarp more- with the hoe of course- in case the snake had relatives visiting for the day.  Nothing moved.  Except me.  I’m going back inside to wait for tomorrow.  Sigh. I hear it will be a brave new day.


10 thoughts on “A Brave Day

    1. It was a northern ringneck snake. They like leaf litter. Guess what I am going to be asking Hubby and sons to help me do? Yep, its time to get rid of the leaf litter!


  1. I hope that your brave new day was good. ZH
    Thanks for the extra information. Be careful next time you deal with a snake. It might be a 10 yard poison spitter. NM
    That reminds me of when I was getting straw from the barn and I found a rat skeleton in the straw. JR
    That reminds me of when I was in kindergarten and almost got bit by a copperhead when I got off the bus. NQ
    It was funny. I saw a snake about 4 weeks ago. MB
    That was a funny story. What kind of snake was it? BP
    What kind of snake was it? JL
    I hope you have many more brave new days. EB
    I like when you found the snake! AB
    I hope your day was very nice after that. JH
    I like the part when you saw the snake. CS
    That was a funny story. P.S. What kind of snake was it? MS
    I really enjoyed your story. My favorite part was when you found the snake. How did you get it to the woods? AS
    When you saw something under the tarp, I thought it would be a snake. It was pretty funny that you said it was a brave new day. KW
    That reminded me of the time me and a friend tried to remove a snake. Well, she tried. I ran! 🙂 MO
    You should have killed the snake. RE
    What kind of snake was it? Were you scared of the snake? RE
    I really like your story. What kind of snake? You are a good writer! NH
    I liked the story and I like the saying, “It’s a brave new day.” P.S. Kill snakes. KE
    Dear Aunt Susie, That was so cool and funny. I once saw a big black snake wrapped around my dad’s arm. SH
    I really liked that story. LR
    That was a nice and scary story. I saw a corn snake in our yard under pieces of wood. In our big yard we have a flower garden and many trees that I like to play under, but there are not any snakes near there. They are a little ways from our house. LP

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    1. Thanks for all your replies and compliments. I enjoyed reading them. The snake was a northern ringneck snake. It wasn’t really big, only about 15inches. I got it on the end of a hoe. Thankfully the woods is really close so I didn’t have to go far. I think he may have been scared of me! My Brave New Day was very nice…I saw bunnies and a hummingbird, bumblebees and lots of other birds. I heard a woodpecker in the woods but I didn’t see any more snakes. It sounds like you all had some great adventures too!


  2. The comments above are from my kiddos. They loved your story. I started posting each one individually, but wordpress thought I was a spammer because I was commenting so much. Because of that, I just put them all together. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

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