I’ve been alone before.  I’ve been in a crowd and felt alone. But something happened today that made me think a bit deeper about being alone.

If you have read any of my posts you know I love gardening.  This  morning I headed out to plant a few beans and to check on yesterdays plantings.  I noticed something was sitting on the hummingbird feeder and I figured a bumblebee was helping himself.  After I planted my beans I walked back into the house to get my camera.  Passing within 6 feet of the feeder I couldn’t tell quite what was there but I was going to get a picture.

Now my eyes aren’t the best, but standing within 10 feet of the feeder looking through the viewfinder of my camera, something didn’t look quite right. Carefully walking closer so I wouldn’t startle the creature I was stunned to find my hummingbird dead, sitting on the feeder.  Although I can’t wrap my brain around it, it appeared a few feathers were trapped between those plastic petals on the feeder. The hummingbird had died alone. Saddened I made my way into the house as God sent a series of thoughts running through my head.

Much as I love hummingbirds, I realize they are not as important as people.  Passing within 6 feet of the feeder, I didn’t recognized the bird for what it was…alone and dead.  How many people do I pass by within mere feet without recognizing they are alone?  What about my coworkers? My neighbors? My fellow church members?  Have I asked someone how they are doing and only listened to their words which might be saying they are ok while their heart is screaming, “I’m alone.  I’m lonely. Please talk to me, spend time with me, direct me to people who might share my interests!”

Generally when I  come in from my garden I feel a sense of satisfaction. Today God has given me something to ponder.


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