Growing in the Garden

During periods of rain, we have an opportunity to grow.

While looking over some of my earlier writings, I came across this-“Looking out my window, I see a grey sky filled with clouds. Intermittent rain showers beat against the doors and windows.  Now, such a view could cause someone to think it is a dreary day.  In fact, the view is far from dreary if you put it in proper perspective.  Weeks of intensely hot temperatures with little or no rain have caused plants and spirits to wilt.  My husband, who dearly loves to garden, stopped what he was doing to point out to me that a good rain for the garden happens when the clouds hide the bright sunlight.  He says when we water the plants in bright sun light, it is not as effective and can, in fact, cause damage to the plant.”

This causes me to think about our spiritual lives.  We love those times when the sun is shining brightly in our life.  We enjoy basking in the blessings of God our Father.  Yet during the rainy periods is often when we grow the most.  I don’t mean we enjoy the hard times.  We aren’t necessarily glad that we go through trials and struggles.  But we can thank God that during the hard times, He is with us, and makes us grow stronger.  During the times when God is allowing us to be “watered” in His garden, we know that we can grow in His Word; we can grow in grace, and we can grow in that deep inner joy that sustains us no matter what we are going through.  And behind those clouds, the Son light is still shining bright.

Think about it, in a quiet moment as you grow peace by piece.


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