A Day in the Life of…

Did you ever have a day that was just hilarious?  I mean a day when the “Can you believe this?” and the “I can’t believe that?” and the “Well I never!” just seem to collide?  That was today.  It wasn’t bad. Actually it was good…just strange.  And sometimes when life gets a bit strange you just have to chuckle.

Today was a little like that.  That can be a good thing.  Sometimes I take me too seriously and I need to  acknowledge the humor in life around me.

It all started when the alarm went off.  I. Did. Not. Want. To. Get. Up.  (I always wanted to write a sentence like that and now I have.  It appears at least once in every book I read.  And it appears in many blogs I read.  I feel better now.) Anyway, back to the phone alarm.  It wouldn’t stop.  I tapped it.  I slid the icon. I shook the phone. Finally the thing got tired and stopped playing annoying notes in my ear. My glasses that I ALWAYS hang on a certain peg were not there.  I guess now I have to say always except for this once.

After breakfast I worked on a quilt for a while.  It was a riveting experience. Or should I say a rippiting experience as I ripped out a few lines of quilting that were not acceptable.  Could I find my super special purple seam ripper? No.  I had to use my old one and it got the job done…but it wasn’t purple.  I was able to fix my mistake on the quilt for one of my daughter-in-laws, but more about that another time.  Can’t reveal the quilts until Christmas.

Then hub and I decided to have a competition with a computer game.  It was on my device but not his, so I tried to download it.  It was free…thats good, right?  Couldn’t remember my Google password.  Couldn’t remember my internet password.  Couldn’t remember my username.  Really Nana?  Enough already. Time to put this away before frustration sets in.

I decided a nap was in order since obviously something, probably tiredness, was affecting my memory. About the time I crawled into my nice comfy bed a rain shower created the perfect ambiance for napping. Sigh.  Happy sigh.  Ahhhhhhh. Then the phone went off with a chirp I wasn’t used to hearing.  I had forgotten to turn down my phone.  And just like that the nice, calming lullaby of rain was over. Bummer.  I can’t believe that.

After finally getting a short nap, a little conversation time with hub was in order. And the phone rang.  It was my doctor so I figured I had better answer.  After a short conversation, I decided to go online and check things out.  Right.  I couldn’t remember my user name.  I couldn’t remember my password.  Sound familiar?  My last try I got the username and a security question came up…about my dog.  Wait!  I don’t have a dog!!! Worried that I might have stumbled on the initial part of someone else account and not wanting them to find they were locked out of their account I gave up.  I’ll get that straight another day. Can you believe this?

After all this, I decided I might as well go to my afternoon work a bit early and pick up my new pills on the way.  No one would know I was there early so I could probably get a few things done that I’ve been needing to get caught up on.  The over the counter pills were on sale!  Now that is great- I like it when things are on sale.  My day was looking up.

A quick trip to WaWa brightened my day even further. National Coffee Day and I didn’t even know!  I could have dressed up or something to celebrate.  With my free coffee in hand, I headed to the car and continued on to work.

Settling comfortably at my desk, I decided to look at my new pills. Might I just interject here that settling comfortably is a master effort?  I have one of those desk chairs on wheels that threatens to dump you in the floor. At some point I rearranged the room so I have a cabinet within a reasonable distance of my desk so my chair can only roll so far.  Visitors to my room love watching me try to sit down.  Oh dear, I went down another rabbit trail, where was I?  Oh yes, the pills.  Now these pills aren’t anything earth shattering, just a supplement that I evidently need.  Opening the bottle, I had to chuckle.  The pills filled exactly one-third of the bottle.  Yes, the correct number of pills were there, but they were MUCH smaller than I anticipated given the size of the bottle.  I guess its like a bag of chips that has a big bag for a smaller amount of chips.  Maybe the pills need space to keep them from…something.  Like a good consumer, I read the label before I took a pill.  Most of my pills say drink a whole glass of water or don’t eat or drink for 30 minutes.  Not these pills.  The directions say, “Take with choice of any meal.”  Wow, I’ve never had pills with directions like that before!  The possibilities are endless.   How about with steak and potatoes?  I know, I know…how about stuffed french toast with blueberries or maybe shrimp scampi?  This can be good.  Wait.  Any meal? Do you suppose they mean with breakfast, lunch or dinner and not menu choice? Well I never!  Don’t even tell me.  I don’t want you to burst my bubble.


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