A Coat of Many Colors

Did you ever want to be a part of something beautiful? Or create something beautiful as an expression of your love, much like we made quilts for our kids to show our love?  Well last Sunday my hubby and I were listening to a sermon about Joseph. Of course as you would expect, the coat of many colors was mentioned. You see, Joseph’s dad, Jacob, loved Joseph was unique and Jacob wanted to show him he was beloved. I have no doubt that Joseph was pleased with that beautiful coat. His brothers? Not so much. In fact they scorned that coat. (Maybe they were a bit jealous.) But that coat was full of the expression of Jacob’s love.

Now bear with me a few minutes, but this mention of Joseph’s coat led me to think of another coat of many colors…sung by Dolly Parton. As an adult my own tastes in music have developed, but as a child, I heard a whole lot of country music. But what struck me about this song when it came out years ago was the sacrifice and love of the mother as she made that coat to show her child she was beloved. It took sacrifice. It took time. Others may have scorned the coat, but the fact is, that coat was so full of the expression of a mother’s love we still feel it whenever we hear the song.

Now I know my thinking often makes a jump from one point to another faster than I can explain, so I will try to slow down my thinking so I can explain a bit. Thinking of these two coats made me think of another representation of great love. Hold on now, because I’m not going to say what you think I am going to say. I am thinking of the “coat of many colors” that Jesus has prepared for His Father. You see, Jesus came to this earth to bring salvation from sin. And the ONLY WAY to Heaven is through Christ Jesus. He said “I am the way, the truth and the life. NO man comes to the Father but by me.” (see John 3:16 and John 14:6) So in a sense, we get to Heaven and are presented to the Father, gathered in love by Jesus. (I remember gathering a bunch of flowers and “presenting” them to mom to show I loved her.) We surely are a people of many colors, unique and special to our Father. There are those who scorn this “coat” of souls gathered in love…satan chief among them, but they can’t negate the love woven throughout. In John 15:10 Jesus says that if we keep His commandments we abide in His love as He abides in the Father’s love.  In our love for Jesus, we become a part of His love for the Father. Each of us must make our own choice to be a part of this “coat” that Jesus is taking to the Father. He is the Way, the only way.  I’ve made my choice.


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