A Special Visitor

We have a special visitor this week.  We’ve been contemplating getting a dog so having our son’s dog  visit is a good way to see if we are up to the challenge.  He is a lot of fun and we are really enjoying his visit.

This morning as we were taking our morning constitutional, I got to thinking that Avry and I have some things in common.  For one thing, we are similar ages.  I read an article last week that stated although we tend to think of 1 dog year equalling 7 human years, different breeds age a bit differently.  Makes sense to me. So I used their handy dandy guide and what do you know, a Pekingese year equals about 6 Nana years, so Avry and I are almost the same age, give or take a month or so.  And given our years, we both like to walk at a slower pace with intermittent bursts of energy.

Avry Birdwatching

From this picture, you can see we both like to watch birds.  Avry hasn’t barked at them once, but his head swings right to left to right to left to …well you get the picture.  He swings his head just like me with every little bird movement. After a while he plays with his toy a bit, only to peer out the window again whenever there is the slightest movement. By the way, I don’t bark at the birds either. And you see that toy in the picture…well he sometimes curls up with it when he lakes a nap.  I know you are wondering now if I curl up with a toy like that when I take a nap.  OF COURSE NOT! That is a dog toy…I have my own, thank you very much.  About 12 years ago hubby had to be away for a few days and bought me a huggable stuffed snowman about a foot tall.  I hugged it tightly every night he was gone.  I still have it, and  especially like to have it nearby if I am feeling poorly. I’ll snuggle under my blanket and hug my snowman. No need to laugh or judge…it says nothing on the tag about being only for people of a certain age. And speaking of snuggling, that is another thing Avry likes to do.  He burrows under the covers to get those last few minutes of sleep. I’m sure we would make quite a picture taking a nap, each of us burrowed in our blanket cocoon clutching our toys, but if Hubby ever takes one let me just say he will be in really big trouble.  Really big.

What really connected the dots for me about this whole similarity thing is when I fed Avry after our walk.  I used a shallow pan for his food. (Ok, it was a throwaway pie pan, but I didn’t want to admit I had ever bought a pie.)  I put Avry’s food in the pan and he just looked at me in disbelief.  So I added just a tiny little bit more.  He shook his head and walked away for a moment, came back and sadly shook his head. Finally he took a few bites.  It suddenly occurred to me that Avry likes his “plate” covered with food and since this pan was a bit larger than the amount of food, he felt a bit, well, rejected and slighted.  Not that I feel rejected and slighted, but a small bowl of soup that is full looks a lot better to me than a larger bowl of soup that is half empty, even if the amount of soup is the same.

I know I am rambling here, but really, what else am I to do? The birds have gone about their daily business, it is rainy outside, and Avry is taking a nap.  Wait a minute…what a good idea!  I think I will snuggle with a good book which just might lead to a short nap.  Now where did I put my snowman?




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