Happy Anniversary!

Hard to believe it has been a year since I started this blog.  I well remember the fun I had with my niece Bethany (This, That & T’Other)setting it up and actually seeing a dream come through.  My initial intention was to post a minimum of once a month.  Ok, that part of the dream didn’t happen, but I am not finished dreaming yet.  After a very busy year of sewing, I planned to post pictures of the quilts my hubby and I made for our kids and grandies, but that didn’t happen either.  I admit, I was feeling a little down after the project was finished and couldn’t seem to get myself in gear! Then yesterday, on the very anniversary of my blog launch, I was blessed to have the most amazing perker-upper.

Along with gardening and sewing, I really enjoy taking pictures of critters.  I haven’t picked up my camera much in the last year or so…it seemed to take all my energy to keep my head above water so to speak. But last week I put up my hummingbird feeder and a finch sock outside my window.  Nothing new in that, but there haven’t been many visitors in the last 2 years.  Then a hummingbird appeared!  Something about a hummingbird just has to bring a smile.  There followed a string of visitors: some yellow finches, a beautiful male cardinal, and other birds paused in their daily routine to say hello. Yesterday I set my chair near the window, opened the curtain wide, and sat down with a book. And then it happened. That spark deep inside that called out to me to find my camera was reignited.  Where did I put it anyway?

I spent several hours watching the parade of birds and rushing to the door to try to take the perfect picture. Notice the positive side effect of this activity…exercise rushing to the door and back.  God is so good to me in so many ways.

The perfect picture didn’t happen, but something better DID happen.  Getting that “spark” back for however long it lasts is such a blessing.  And I’ll keep trying for that perfect picture!April Hummer


I’m Blogging!

I love to hear someone say, “That’s on my bucket list.” Really? Generally I don’t know where my bucket is! And usually I’m not paying enough attention to where I am going, so even if I did know where the bucket is, I would be afraid I would kick it. That being said, today I will start my bucket list. And if I add too much as life goes along, I will simply get a bigger bucket.r First I want to grow so much closer to God than I am now. This is something that is MY responsibility. I can’t just say, God, I want to get closer to You.” I have to make steps to make it happen and believe me, God will more than meet me half way. It comes down to more of God, less of me. Second, I want to be a better wife and mother. I do ok, but I think I can do better. Funny how that is related to number one! Ranking the rest of the items isn’t likely at this point, so I’ll just lay them out there. Make quilts for our children and grandchildren. Sew enough crafts to sell at a craft show to earn back some of the money I spent on all the fabric in my sewing room. (lol) Research blogging and seriously consider becoming a blogger. And maybe all those bloggers in the family could email me tips and what they WISH they knew before they began blogging. Write a book. Finish the projects Mom asked me to do for her. Go on a short term mission trip. Ok, so my bucket list is not like most people’s bucket list, but hey, its My bucket. Which, by the way, is purple with yellow flowers and green stems, with a hummingbird humming close by.