Password Please

Passwords are a necessary part of our everyday life.  I’m not a fan of passwords.  My brain can only hold so much and that inner file labeled PASSWORDS is full and overflowing.  There are passwords for home, passwords for work, passwords for blogs, passwords for crafting sites.  There are confirmation numbers for orders, plane tickets and work orders.  When I got married, all I needed to remember was my phone number, my driver’s license number and my social security number.  Yes, I’ve been married that long.

Years go by, things change, progress happens and I find myself with a LONG list of passwords.  In desperation I start a computer list of my passwords, in a file named passwords.  I have printed them out, thankfully, because that particular computer was infected by a ransomware virus and I can’t get to my list.  I try to take great care of that list of several pages and keep it in a safe place.  I just don’t always know where that safe place is located.  I even bought a notebook titled Online Organizer.  Slowly but surely I have been transferring the passwords to the organizer.  After 2 years I have only entered about 5 passwords, so it is taking me a while.  Ok, truthfully, I only write in the password when I get a new one.

Nowadays it is not uncommon for me to use several passwords in a day.  There is a voice mail on my phone, so I retrieve it and hear the words, “Please enter your password, then press pound.”  Then I go to my computer that is used for multiple purposes and have to enter my password to get started.  Since I am working on ideas for the two craft retreats and a ladies retreat that I help with, I browse craft sites and notice a pattern or idea I want to save.  Enter my password.  Check recent medical test results on my physician’s health portal.  Enter my password.  Any day now I expect to pick up my phone to make a call and hear a voice saying, “If you wish to make a call, please enter your password.”

It was bound to happen.  I can’t find my list.  Anywhere.   At all.  There is no doubt in my mind that I probably packed it so it would be handy during the crafting retreats or ladies retreat.  After all, I still have a box or two to put away from church camp crafts, packing up my personal stuff from my job that was cut due to funding, the craft retreats, a family reunion and the ladies retreat. I mean two boxes or so for each event, not two boxes total.  Let’s not get sidetracked and talk about that.  Too embarrassing.

Back to my password list.  Today I needed a password that I simply can’t remember.  The area in my craft room where my list was supposed to be was already cleaned looking for the list last week.  Hated to do it, but I even cleaned out 2 boxes of stuff looking for the list.  In my mind’s eye I seem to remember putting it in my laptop case but it isn’t there.  A tote bag maybe?  Do you have any idea how many tote bags I have?!

I’m really embarrassed to say this, but I decided to write on this blog and…um…well.  Ok, I’ll just come right out and say it.  I can’t remember my password!!!  You can stop laughing now.  I mean it!  This really isn’t that funny.  In order to express myself I had to change and reset password.  This password business is totally getting out of control.

This world is also out of control in so many ways.  If a person wants to, they can change their address, their name, their gender, and if one state has its way, their race, just because they want to change.  This is too much for me to comprehend.  Identity can be determined through eye scans, fingerprint scans, or implanted technology chips. And to do many of the things I do on a daily basis I must enter a password, pass code or confirmation number.  This has gone too far.

There will come a time when I no longer need to remember all these passwords.  I will trade this troubled world for an eternity in Heaven.  Yes, I know that is where I am headed and have made my preparation. I have my confirmation.  When I approach Heaven’s gate, I don’t need to remember the confirmation number or password.  I have an advocate to do that for me.  You see, when I get there, Jesus will supply the simple, easy to remember password.  One word.  Forgiven.



Camp Feet

Years ago when I was a youngster, I attended a 4-H camp.  It was AMAZING!  I remember singing around the campfire, listing to our camp counselor and playing lots and lots of volleyball.  When our sons were young they were able to go to church youth camp several times.  I remember being happy for them; I was also a bit wishing I could be a youth and go to camp.

As an adult, I knew there was our denominational church camp.  Hubby and I often went nightly and heard some great preaching.  I heard people share memories of camp and thought…how did I miss all that?  What are they talking about? Well, this year I was able to go to Family Camp.  Who knew that the evening services we attended were only a small part of the camping experience?

Camp CoffeeOur theme was THRIVE. In a nutshell, during the daytime hours we talked, had Bible Studies that were so enriching, shared wonderful meals, formed friendships, enjoyed family activities, ate some more, and had some incredible coffee before the evening service.  WOW!  I enjoyed getting to know some older people from the state north of us and hearing the life stories they had to share.  Some of the younger adults had so much enthusiasm to share.  And watching the children was an experience all its own.  They played and learned and rode their bikes from breakfast until lights out.  And like me long ago, they played lots and lots of ball…but it was GaGa Ball.  And yes, some of my grandchildren were there. What they learned about Jesus and the songs they shared with us were so precious.  Spiritually, the whole experience was so needed and so uplifting.

I went a bit early to help get things ready only to find so many people had volunteered so many hours to clean the campgrounds, make repairs, set up the tabernacle and more.  Helping to prepare the grounds definitely helped me see and appreciate all the effort that goes into something like this.  During camp, I was scheduled to teach 7 different craft classes so I tried to get everything ready for that too.

In between the work, there was so much fun!  A local company that rents golf carts delivered 10 to the camp.  Some were rented to campers, some were set aside for the speakers, the nurse, or other staff that would need to get from place to place quickly.  Never having driven a golf cart before, I was thrilled to be given a tour of the camp.  Then- oh what fun- I was allowed to drive.  Oh yeah!  Hubby wasn’t around which was good, since he tends to be a bit overprotective.  Needless to say, I had a blast.  And in case anyone wants to know what to give me for my birthday, I would like my electric golf cart to be a cool shade of lime green with purple trim with 4 seats and please remember a great sounding horn. (hint hint)  And by the way, when hubby got to camp and was able to drive one, he had the same grin on his face that I did.

Craft time went well, although the flip flops flopped a bit.  We managed.  But the great thing is that we had so much fun.  Maybe a later blog can focus on the specific crafts, but suffice it to say, we shared plenty of laughs along with the paint. And speaking of paint I seemed to accumulate a splotch of each color and I wasn’t even painting! I still haven’t figured that one out.

One of the big things I heard people talking about was camp feet.  Yes, by the end of the day, those wearing flip flops had accumulated several layers of ummm, well- dirt.   It was a badge of honor that showed others just how active a person been that day and how much fun they were having.  Some even posted pictures of their feet that clearly showed the strap lines of their flip flops.  Since I was wearing purple Crocs, it took a bit longer for me to get my camp feet on.  (of course we washed our feet, but it was hot and dry at camp this year and dirt does cling you know.)

Camp is over now. Laundry is clean again.  All those supplies that I took to camp for crafts are back at home.  I would like to say they have been put away, but that wouldn’t be true so I won’t even go there. And finally, after many days I am able to sit once again at my computer and share some thoughts on this blog.  In fact I think I will kick off my Crocs and read a few other blogs while I am sitting here.

Wait a minute!!! I think I can see just a shadow…maybe just a memory…of camp feet!

I’m Blogging!

I love to hear someone say, “That’s on my bucket list.” Really? Generally I don’t know where my bucket is! And usually I’m not paying enough attention to where I am going, so even if I did know where the bucket is, I would be afraid I would kick it. That being said, today I will start my bucket list. And if I add too much as life goes along, I will simply get a bigger bucket.r First I want to grow so much closer to God than I am now. This is something that is MY responsibility. I can’t just say, God, I want to get closer to You.” I have to make steps to make it happen and believe me, God will more than meet me half way. It comes down to more of God, less of me. Second, I want to be a better wife and mother. I do ok, but I think I can do better. Funny how that is related to number one! Ranking the rest of the items isn’t likely at this point, so I’ll just lay them out there. Make quilts for our children and grandchildren. Sew enough crafts to sell at a craft show to earn back some of the money I spent on all the fabric in my sewing room. (lol) Research blogging and seriously consider becoming a blogger. And maybe all those bloggers in the family could email me tips and what they WISH they knew before they began blogging. Write a book. Finish the projects Mom asked me to do for her. Go on a short term mission trip. Ok, so my bucket list is not like most people’s bucket list, but hey, its My bucket. Which, by the way, is purple with yellow flowers and green stems, with a hummingbird humming close by.