Happy Anniversary!

Hard to believe it has been a year since I started this blog.  I well remember the fun I had with my niece Bethany (This, That & T’Other)setting it up and actually seeing a dream come through.  My initial intention was to post a minimum of once a month.  Ok, that part of the dream didn’t happen, but I am not finished dreaming yet.  After a very busy year of sewing, I planned to post pictures of the quilts my hubby and I made for our kids and grandies, but that didn’t happen either.  I admit, I was feeling a little down after the project was finished and couldn’t seem to get myself in gear! Then yesterday, on the very anniversary of my blog launch, I was blessed to have the most amazing perker-upper.

Along with gardening and sewing, I really enjoy taking pictures of critters.  I haven’t picked up my camera much in the last year or so…it seemed to take all my energy to keep my head above water so to speak. But last week I put up my hummingbird feeder and a finch sock outside my window.  Nothing new in that, but there haven’t been many visitors in the last 2 years.  Then a hummingbird appeared!  Something about a hummingbird just has to bring a smile.  There followed a string of visitors: some yellow finches, a beautiful male cardinal, and other birds paused in their daily routine to say hello. Yesterday I set my chair near the window, opened the curtain wide, and sat down with a book. And then it happened. That spark deep inside that called out to me to find my camera was reignited.  Where did I put it anyway?

I spent several hours watching the parade of birds and rushing to the door to try to take the perfect picture. Notice the positive side effect of this activity…exercise rushing to the door and back.  God is so good to me in so many ways.

The perfect picture didn’t happen, but something better DID happen.  Getting that “spark” back for however long it lasts is such a blessing.  And I’ll keep trying for that perfect picture!April Hummer



Every so often we take a trip to Lancaster County and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania. Sometimes the trip is short, sometimes we have a few days to spend in the area. Either way we generally have a great time. Of course the scenery is beautiful and since we tend to stick to back roads we never know what we will see. (More about that another time!) but if you were to ask what we DO- we enjoy visiting thrift shops and fabric shops. In my area there are not a great number of fabric shops so it is a real treat to be in an area where there are so MANY! I’m blessed to be married to a wonderful man who not only drives me around to these shops but will wait patiently while I run in for just a minute…or hour…or two. He has been known to send me back inside asking why I felt the need to rush! That is when I realized he means it when he says I should take my time. It is something he happily does because he loves me.

Anyway, we recently went to the Lancaster area for a very short trip. The experiences we were able to cram in one trip were amazing and there isn’t enough space here to express it all. So to make a long story manageable I’ll focus on one particular stop.

Those of you who know me know I love to sew. In fact God, family, sewing and gardening make up a huge part of the real me. So imagine visiting this area during this time of year when across the nation there is something called the row by row experience. You can read more about that here at http://www.rowbyrowexperience.com but in a thimble it is an opportunity to visit independent quilt shops across the United States and collect free patterns for a quilt “row” or even buy a row kit. You can participate for prizes but I participate for fun.  One day I want to make a vacation quilt made up from the rows I have collected.

Ummm, focus Nana…one stop, remember?

One of our stops was to Burkholder Fabrics. They were having a huge sale so I was in trouble before I even to in the door to request their free pattern. Now someone recently told me I am not a hoarder; I just have a lot of stuff. Whew. That makes me feel so much better.  Now that I have retired, fabric purchases have to be very carefully planned. But remember hubby and I are making quilts for our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren for Christmas and CHRISTMAS IS COMING! That gives me a good reason to check out all the fabric as I try to find fabric bargains for the back of the quilts.

Once again I am getting wordy. So we pull up to Burkholder’s Fabric (www.burkfabric.com)and this is what I see!!!!

Burkholders fabric wagon

Hubby often tries to plan surprises for me but this…this is too wonderful! I jump out and explore the wagon from all sides. My mind is reeling with all the possibilities. Running back to the car, I lean in the window to give hubby a big thank you kiss.

Gently he reminds me that this was a spur of the moment trip and he didn’t have time to plan such a wonderful surprise although he would have if he could have. And he reminds me that we don’t have a wagon hitch on our car so we can’t take it home. And then he suggests I go inside the store.  And by the way, be sure to take my time. Gotta love that man,